Membrane Coating Dome


Our domes can be built anywhere with its light and fast assembly structure. It can be used in very hot or very cold climates with the insulation technology we use. It is a new house model that can be used for 12 months thanks to its internal and external insulation.
Our domes, which can be installed and dismantled in one day and do not require construction equipment concrete, are completely green products.

Can be installed anywhere without requiring a zoning permit.
Different Doms, which can be prepared with dimensions, have a structure that provides maximum volume in the minimum area.

The new generation accommodation and glamping dome is a tourism product that provides fast return to its investors. Doms, which can be easily projected and customized according to the project, allow you to create different experiences for holiday areas.

Sizes & Specs


5M Membrane Coating Glamping Dome

  • Area : 28.20 m2
  • Height : 2.9 m
  • Weight : 120 kg
  • Capacity (Standing) : 4 person
  • Capacity (Row Seating) : 4 person
  • Max Wind : 120 mph
  • Max Snow (Wind Load) : 120 kg
  • Assembly Time : 2 Kişilik Ekip ile 2 Saat

6M Membrane Coating Glamping Dome

7M Membrane Coating Glamping Dome

Dome Specs