Events Domes


You can create brand promotion, fair and festival areas with the Event Dome, which provides a wide interior. Brand logos to be placed on the 360 degree outer cover increase the visibility. The Event Dome, which can be designed in different sizes, provides a natural air circulation thanks to its dome structure. It is used to create a spacious area in different sizes from brand promotion stands to sports halls. With the event dome, we create spaces where you can organize concerts, theaters and all kinds of events. It is solutions provides suitable for activities such as brand promotion and fairs

Sizes & Specs


Event 5M

  • Area : 176.60
  • Height : 7.5
  • Weight : 286 kg
  • Capacity (Standing) : 100
  • Capacity (Row Seating) : 100
  • Max Wind : 150 mph
  • Max Snow (Wind Load) : 20lbs @130mph
  • Assembly Time : 2 Kişilik Ekip İle 2 Saat
Dome Specs