What is Dome Tent?

Dome tents are dome-shaped tents that are also called geodesic dome. The steel skeleton, which is formed in the shape of a pentagon and formed by combining the carrier elements with each other, is established on a circular place and is the structures obtained by covering with a membrane.

What Are The Advantages Of Dome Tent?

These tents, which have a durable frame structure and at the same time offer the opportunity to be used in many different events with their elegant appearance, are ideal for creating a spacious interior space. Dome çadırların kurulumu ve sökümü oldukça hızlı ve pratiktik olması nedeniyle kullanımı tercih edilmektedir. Thanks to its steel frame, it provides both light, strong and resistance to heavy weather conditions.

The absence of bearing columns and beams in tents offers you a wide and comfortable interior.

Are Dome Tents Expensive?

Dome tent prices, are very cheap when compared with the tree houses, log houses and wooden houses used for this purpose, and they are highly preferred tents in terms of cost benefit compared to others in terms of durability. As there are dome tents of all sizes, you can trust yourself or your invitations and choose the durability of the dome tents.

Usage Areas of Dome Tents?

It offers very comfortable use for fairs or festivals for promotional purposes with the event domes that offer a wide interior that can be used easily for events. You can place your brands and logos as you wish in the outdoor area. You can use dome tents with the ease of installation and ease of use when you go on vacation or you can buy cheap dome tents and create your own hobby area or use it as a business. Inside the dome tents, you can make yourself a greenhouse and make it fun. Most importantly, when you encounter a natural disaster, you can easily set up dome tents wherever you want.

Dome tent makes your life easier and thinks of your pocket. If you love nature, it offers you a nature holiday. Dome tents, which you will never regret after choosing, offer you and your loved ones a safe space while making you and your loved ones happy. If you want to take advantage of these beautiful dome tents or get more information, you can visit dorahaus.com